Message from Chairman and Chief Mentor, FIITJEE Group : Dear Students, myPAT (current version) by Edfora will fulfill your long cherished requirement of a tool that can help you practice, evaluate, improve & track your performance on each concept in every subject, for every competitive or scholastic exam available on myPAT. Most unique feature is that you will also be able to see your progress towards your goal using Success Meter! Best of luck, use the power in your hand & have an Extraordinary Success - D.K Goel


What are the services provided by MyPAT Online Test Series?

MyPAT provides an ongoing support to the students preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams viz. JEE Advanced, JEE Main, BITSAT & NTSE. The support is in the form of

  • (a) taking online tests according to a predefined schedule
  • (b) practicing topic-wise questions and
  • (c) analyzing self performance to know improve preparation

Online Test Series for JEE Advanced, JEE Main & BITSAT are for Class XII and XII pass students and Online Test Series for NTSE Stage-I is for students of Class X and Online Test Series for NTSE Stage-II is for students of Class X who qualified Stage-I of NTSE.

How mypat helps in my preparation for JEE Advanced, JEE Main or other Engineering Entrance Exams?

In order to solidify your preparation for competition exams, you must follow a mechanism that should test your preparation periodically and give you means of practicing the learnt curriculum.

With MyPAT, you can adopt a scientific testing method as well as get an effectivepracticing tool. It would enhance your competitiveness and bring you closer to your desired goal.

What are Online Tests?

These are scheduled series of tests comprising of Part Tests, Combined Tests and Full Tests.

Part Tests: These cover partial syllabus of the targeted entrance exam and. The covered syllabus is displayed with the test

Combined Tests: These are combinations of some Part Tests. The combinationsare displayed with the tests.

Full Tests: These cover the full syllabus of targeted entrance exam. In Online Test Series of NTSE Stage-II, only Full Tests are there

How to attempt Online Tests?

You just need to follow easy steps to start any of the above. First of all you must register on MyPAT and then login with your details.

You need to select a Test Category out of JEE Advanced, JEE Main, BITSAT or NTSE and then select the Online Test you like to attempt from the available tests in your account. (Online test Series instructions are provided after you login)

How do I get analysis of my performance in an Online Test?

When you finish and submit a test, you are shown details of time taken, attempted/not-attempted questions, rights & wrongs and your overall score.

On the same page you can click for Detailed Test Performance Analysis and you will be shown a complete analysis of your performance on a new page.